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Questions Concerning An Accident Caused By An Animal In The Roadway

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As a driver, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure you stay safe on the roadway. You may always follow the rules of the road, avoid distractions, and even follow the speed limit signs at all times. However, no amount of safe driving will help you to completely avoid the possibility of an automobile accident. You never know when there is a furry critter waiting in the roadway just up around the bend.

In fact, the national crash databases estimate there are at least 300,000 accidents caused by wildlife every year. If you and your car are involved in a collision with an animal, you may have a few questions as far as auto insurance is concerned.

What type of insurance will cover damage caused to your vehicle because of an animal?

In order to be covered by your insurance for damages caused by an animal, you will have to have comprehensive coverage as an option in your policy. This insurance extension covers no-fault accidents that are related to wildlife and other unforeseen circumstances, such as theft or vandalism. In most cases, you will have to pay an initial deductible depending on your initial coverage options. However, the insurance will pick up afterwards and cover the cost of repairs.

How do you prove to the insurance company that you hit an animal?

One of the first things you should do if you happen to hit an animal in the roadway is to go ahead and call the police after you have moved your vehicle out of the way. This may sound like overreacting if no one is injured, but the police report will prove useful when you file the claim. You should also take photos of the vehicle before driving it away. While most insurance companies will not require a police report or photos, it will help to eliminate any questions concerning the validity of your claim.

What do you do if an animal caused you to strike another vehicle?

In most cases, an accident between two cars caused by an outlying factor, such as an animal in the roadway, will be deemed a no-fault collision. In most states, no-fault claims will mean that both drivers will file a claim with their own insurance company, like LA Insurance, for their damages. Be sure to clarify that an animal caused the accident during the police report and your initial claim.

Being involved in an accident involving an animal can be a very alarming situation to be in. Make sure that you take some time to learn about this obvious danger that is a part of being a driver on the road.