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Car Insurance Tips For New Adult Drivers

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You just got your license and a new set of wheels, but unlike most new drivers, you're an adult. Car insurance rates for new drivers are often aimed at teenagers, whom have to pay higher premiums due to both their inexperience behind the wheel and their maturity level. As a new adult driver, you can avoid some of the common things that raise the rates on teens. These tips can help you find the best rate.

Tip #1: Take a Class

Many insurance companies offer teen drivers a discount if they take a driver's safety course. Ask your agent if they will extend the same discount to you, as a new adult driver. This doesn't mean you have to sit through driver's ed. Most cities have safe or defensive driving courses aimed at an adult audience. Giving up a few evenings to take the course can result in instant insurance savings.

Tip #2: Bundle Your Discounts

Chances are, as an adult, you have insurance beyond your car – homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance, and even life insurance can sometimes be bundled with your auto policy. By going through the same insurance company or broker, you can receive a discount on one or more of these policies to help lower your overall cost.

Tip #3: Manage Your Coverage Wisely

Don't make the mistake of over-insuring. In most cases, you can lower your insurance rate by simply raising your deductible or dropping optional coverage. For example, if you drive an older, paid off vehicle that you can easily afford to replace, you can carry state minimum liability insurance instead of a fully comprehensive policy.

Tip #4: Check Your Driving Habits

Your insurance rates will steadily decrease as your driving history increases, as long as you establish a history of safe driving. This goes beyond just avoiding accidents and tickets. Choosing a vehicle with added safety features, such as air bags or accident avoidance systems, can also help lower your insurance rates. You also want to be honest about your driving habits with your insurance agent. If you don't put a lot of mileage on the car annually, this can result in lower rates. Parking your car in a garage or installing a theft deterrent device can also lower rates.

Generally, auto insurance rates for otherwise safe drivers begins to drop after age 25 and doesn't go up again until age 70. If you're over the age of 25 but a new driver, you may still have to pay slightly elevated rates until you have established a reliable driving history. Fortunately, you also have more discount options available as an adult to help offset the higher cost.