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What's The Deal? Auto Insurance Coverage For Pet Injuries

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If you have a pet, especially a dog, then there's a good chance you've had your furry friend in your vehicle at least a couple times. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were in an accident when your pet was in the car? If you take your pet on car rides regularly, then you should review your car insurance policy to see if it covers pet injuries. Keep reading to learn more about auto insurance coverage for pet injuries.

Is Your Pet Covered By Your Car Insurance?

Unfortunately, this isn't a simple yes or no answer. Every insurance company has different rules as to whether it will pay for your pet's medical bills. The answer also depends on your specific auto insurance policy. For example, one very popular insurance company does offer special pet injury coverage up to $1,000 as an add-on to your policy. You have pay for this additional coverage, which is part of the company's collision coverage. Most other insurance companies do not offer coverage for a pet passenger, but they will provide some type assistance for pet medical bills.

Types Of Coverage You May Want To Add To Your Policy

The first thing you should do is contact your car insurance company and find out if you have pet injury coverage. If you don't and your pet is in your vehicle often, then talk to your insurance representative about your options. Start by asking if liability insurance will cover pet injuries. If it doesn't, then ask if comprehensive insurance will cover pet injuries. If an insurance company does cover costs associated with a pet injury due to a car accident, it will probably be under comprehensive coverage. This type of coverage isn't mandatory, so you will have to pay an additional fee to add it to your policy. Also make sure you ask your insurance representative like one from Butler & Messier Insurance about any rules and restrictions they may have regarding pet injury coverage.

Does Fault Matter?

In a car accident, the person at fault usually bears the brunt of the expenses for all parties involved. When pets are involved, many auto insurance companies will only pay out if the accident was not your fault. In many cases, you may be involved in an accident with another person who has insurance that doesn't cover pet injuries no matter what. This is why you should consider an alternative if you regularly drive with your pet in your vehicle.

An Alternative To Auto Insurance Pet Injury Coverage

If you are concerned about having coverage for your pet if you are involved in an accident, then you do have an alternative. You can purchase pet health insurance. This type of insurance will cover a wide array of veterinary costs if your pet is injured in a car accident. It works just like human health insurance, with a monthly premium, deductibles, and other exceptions and exclusions that depend on your specific policy.

Vet bills can quickly add up, especially when a pet needs medical attention after being involved in a car accident. In order to protect yourself and your pet, call your local car insurance company to find out what your current policy covers. If needed, add coverage that will take care of any vet bills if your pet is hurt in a car accident. Your insurance agent will be happy to talk to you about your pet injury coverage options.