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Save Money On Your Monthly Car Insurance Bill With These Ideas

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If payment for your car insurance bill comes out of your bank account through direct withdrawal each month, you might hardly think of exactly how much you're paying. Even if you don't vigilantly track this bill, it's often possible to use a variety of strategies to help you pay less. The exact amount you save depends on factors specifically related to your account, but several ideas can lead to some degree of savings. Here are three effective ideas that you can implement to lower your car insurance rate.

Find A Different Way Of Commuting

Sitting in your vehicle in a traffic jam during your daily commute is less than appealing, but spending time on the road in these high-traffic situations is increasing your risk of being in an accident. As such, you're paying for your car insurance. If possible, see if you can find a different way of commuting to and from your workplace. Depending on where you live and what methods of public transportation are available, you might be able to take a bus, train or subway. Other alternative methods include riding your bike or arranging transportation from a neighbor who works close to where you do. Once you've made this daily change, speak to your car insurance provider and ask for a discount.

Strengthen Your Driving Aptitude

Contact your car insurance provider and ask if you'll be eligible for an insurance discount if you take a certified defensive driving course. In many cases, you'll save money on your monthly bill because your new-found skill behind the wheel should decrease your risk of being in an accident. Defensive driving courses cover a wide range of topics related to save driving, including raising your awareness of obstacles around you, effectively controlling your vehicle in poor weather and more. In addition to the money you'll save on your insurance bill, taking this type of course can also help you feel more confident while driving, which is an added perk.

Combine Your Other Policies

A simple way of lowering your car insurance rate is to combine any of your other existing insurance policies onto the same policy as your car insurance. Whether you have home insurance, life insurance or another form of insurance, grouping everything together will make you eligible for a discount. You can go a step further, too, and combine your spouse's insurance policies with yours. On top of saving money, you'll also find it more convenient to pay just one insurance bill per month instead of several.

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