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Three Ways That Your Parking Choices Can Keep Your Auto Insurance Rate Low

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When it comes to looking for ways to decrease the amount paid for auto insurance, many drivers can end up spending a significant amount of time and effort working on strategies that save them money. While such strategies can certainly be effective, don't shy away from thinking how you can keep your rate low while you're behind the wheel -- and while you're not. Avoiding accidents is a simple way to maintain a low rate, but the manner in which you park can also keep your vehicle out of harm's way and avoid a rate increase. Here are three parking considerations to keep in mind.

Parking In The City

Being a victim of a vehicle break-in can cause your auto insurance rate to increase. Although there's nothing that you can do to completely eliminate your risk of having your vehicle broken into when you're parked in the city, it's wise to find a lot that's monitored by security staff or, at the very least, a series of security cameras. Although you'll customarily pay a little extra to park in a secure lot, think of it as an investment in keeping your auto insurance rate low. When you're driving around to look for a spot to leave your car, try to avoid parking in dimly lit, non-secure areas.

Parking In Neighborhoods

When you're visiting the home of family or friends and are looking for a place to park your vehicle, do your best to avoid having to leave it on the street. While parking on the street might have its share of conveniences, you're always at the risk of having your side mirror inadvertently clipped by a passing motorist. Having to file an insurance claim for the repair work can cause your rate to increase -- and the alternative of taking care of the expense out of your own pocket can be pricey. If you can, try to arrive at the get-together early so you can park in the person's driveway.

Parking At Home

It makes sense to leave your vehicle in your garage instead of your driveway at home to reduce the risk of a vehicle break-in. However, there's an added benefit to leaving your vehicle in this covered location that you might not routinely consider. Severe hailstorms can cause damage to both the glass and the body of your vehicle, leaving you with the need to make a claim and likely see an increase in your insurance rate. Keeping the vehicle in the garage eliminates your risk of hail damage, which will prevent a rise in your insurance rate.

Talk to your insurance agent for more tips on how you can keep your auto insurance coverage low.